Gallery 3-Light Commercial- Residential


NL01done NL01


White plastic call light

3″ x 3″ c/w 24volt bulb

-1406 FM01

Qty- 18

Flushmount foot light
9″ x 5″

PICT1839 SF01

Qty- 31
Clam shell stage footlight
c/w socket and 12ft cord
7 1/2″ H x 6 1/2″ W x 3″ D

IMG_0764 CP60

Qty- 23

Aluminum and glass
12″D x 13″ High
Medium base light bulb
White cords

fl CP70

Qty- 13
12″ globes

_MG_2237 CP50

Qty- 4

Brushed aluminum c/w
4 glass shades
24″ length of aluminum
Uses MR16 halogen bulbs

_MG_2232 CP51

Qty- 4
Brushed aluminum c/w
4 glass shades
32″ length of aluminum
Uses MR16 halogen bulbs
Same light as CP50
_MG_2220 CP40

Qty- 5

Brass base and chain c/w
decorated white glass
3 regular bulbs

_MG_2391 CP20

Qty- 3
Schoolhouse 14″ globe
brass stem and 6″
32″ total length

_MG_2219-001 CP21

Qty- 31

12″ schoolhouse
c/w black chain

_MG_2363-002 CP24

Qty- 3
Silver metal changeable stem
c/w base
42″ total length

CP29done CP29

Qty- 2

16″ schoolhouse

c/w chain

_MG_2393 CP26

Qty- 1
10″ glass on silver base

_MG_2396 CP27

Qty- 1

14″ glass on brass stem
42″ length

_MG_2399 CP28

Qty- 1
15″ glass on brown base

PICT1975 CP22
Qty- 11
6″ schoolhouse
16″ total length
Qty- 8
6″ schoolhouse
28″ total length
Can be changed to all
be the same
_MG_2388-001 CP02

Qty- 1
White *” glass globe
c/w brass chain

-1288 CPX09


Off-white metal pendant with chain and base.
9in H x 6in W

-1788 CP04

Qty- 8
Green glass ball hanging in chain with light bulb inside

-1280 CP08


10in H x 10in W

CP80done CP80


Black and glass c/w cord
12″ high

-1281 CP07

Qty- 1

12in W x 7in H

23 CP12

Qty- 1
Double swag lamp

-1286 CP05

Qty- 1

Blown glass and metal pendant
20in H x 12in W

-1285 CP06

Blown glass and metal pendant
15in H x 11in W

_MG_2225 CHA10

Qty- 1
Brass chandelier c/w
5 amber glass shades

15 CHA02


Metal cast chandelier
16 bulb
33″W X 26″H

12 CHA01

2’W X 2’H

_-7 WS50

Qty- 7

Surface mount chrome c/w
frosted glass and switch
9.5″ D x 3″deep
Regular light bulb

_MG_2264 WS51

Qty- 10
6″ Diameter
12volt c/w switch

_MG_2339 WS52

Qty- 1

Brass 6″ diameter
with switch

PICT1969 WS20

Qty- 11
Amber glass on brown base

-1172 WS04

Qty- 7

2 lamp 16″ wall sconce

-1270 WS30

Qty- 12
Perforated metal sconce that uses 2 light bulbs.
14in H x 10in W

PICT1468 WS40

Qty- 15

20in high x 8in W
Uses 2 light bulbs

-1472 WS41

Qty- 2
20in high
Uses 2 light bulbs

PICT1884-001 WS42

Qty- 10

Glass with chrome band
10in x 6in
single regular light bulb

PICT1913 WS43

Qty- 10
10in x 6in
single regular light bulb

PICT1987 WS25

Qty- 14

9″ white glass

-1402 WS17

Qty- 27

13.5in x 6.5in
Black up/down sconce
c/w cord out back

-1347 WS16

Qty- 9
Off white downlight only
11 x 8 in.

_MG_2274 WS18

Qty- 6

14″ x 6″ black
Up and down light

_MG_2283 WS03

Qty- 8
5″ square glass with Aluminum base
Halogen G9 bulb

-1219 WS72

Qty- 12
27″ total length

Qty- 20
Same as WS72 with shorter
top cap 25″ total length

PICT1985 WS70

Qty- 8
brass with glass 13″ length

_MG_2369 WS71

Qty- 3

Brass double sconce with glass

PICT1978 WS22

Qty- 11
14″ x 9″

WS74 WS74


Brass 9″ sconce with aging
Medium base bulb

WS75 WS75

Metal 5″ base with glass shade aged 8″ total out from wall. Medium base bulb

WS75 (1 of 1) WS76


Aged brass and glass wall sconce

-1325 WS15

Qty-  22

11in W x 5in H
Glass and brushed aluminum
G9 halogen bulb

-1323 WS14

Qty- 5
18in H x 10in D

-1326 WS31

9in H x 10in W

-1275 WS09

Qty- 1
Wooden carved base
with 3 lampholders.
15in H x 15in W

-1284 WS11

Qty- 1
Cast bronze
19in W x 8in H

_MG_2517 WS100

Qty- 4

Dark brown metal wall light
c/w globe
20″ total height

_MG_2319 WS32

Qty- 1

Chrome and glass

Qty- 1 11 BL03


Bathroom Vanity
4 lamp

_MG_2403-001 WS214

Qty- 4

12″ D black with white glass

_MG_2253-001 WS200

Qty- 10

7″ height black c/w
white glass
regular light bulb

_MG_2371 WS212

Qty- 2

28″ H black exterior light
with glass
Uses 3 bulbs

-1303 WS210

Qty- 1

13 in H x 6 in W

-1306 WS211

Qty- 6

White wall sconce
10in H x 5in W


Qty- 2

Brass aged carriage light

7″ high a 5″ wide

regular bulb

-1276 Ws10

Qty- 1

Black metal and glass
13in H x 8in W

8 WS250


Dark brown
wall mount
19″L X 16″W

20091217--1212 CM01

Qty- 2

-1278 CM02


9in across x 5in H

CM03done CM03

Qty- 4

Brushed metal with white glass

8″ Diameter regular bulb

5 POTL01


4″ potlight
Uses screw in medium bulb

_MG_2374 POTL02

Qty- 18

3″ white adjustable angle
GU10 bulb

20 POTL03

Qty- 6

4″ metal finish pot light


Qty- 20

4in white pot light
Uses screw in medium bulb

Potl08new (1 of 1) POTL08

Qty- 2

Grey 6″ vintage  potlight c/w glass front and cord. screw in medium base light bulb.

_MG_2316-001 POTL05

Qty- 6

6″ potlight with white trim
Uses screw in medium bulb

_MG_2254 GL30

Qty- 75
6″ Brushed grey uplight

MR01done (1 of 1)

Qty– 1

Wood mirror with 16 medium light bulb sockets and cord.

35 1/2″ H x 41 3/4 W x 2 1/2″ deep.

Can be painted to suit.

3 WL22

500watt Quartz Floodlight
brown c/w box and cord

17 GL20

Knobs- Single or double wire

Qty- 50
Knobs- Single wire


Tubes- goes through wood

Sash cord in black and white works very well instead of actual wire.

1 TL15

Aluminum 3 head Track light


Qty- 1
28in w x 6 1/4D x 6H
2ft fluorescent inside

_MG_2334 Sign02

Qty- 1
30″ x 13″ aluminum and black
Light bulbs inside

WL15 (1 of 1) WL15

Black metal desk light
Has been refiited with tungsten 12volt Leds
16″ H with 13″ arm

4 GL25

Camp lantern with light

_MG_2256 WL12

Qty- 8
2′ adjustable neck
Black table light

_MG_2259-001 WL13

Qty- 12
2′ adjustable neck
Black screw on

_MG_2285 WL10

Qty- 5
12″ adjustable neck
black screw on base

_MG_2258 WL13

Qty- 1
Black adjustable clamp on

PICT1957 WL11

Qty- 11
Grey adjustable table light

_MG_2413 GL26

Qty- 1
4 black Garden lights
c/w 50′ of wire.
Lights can be attached anywhere
along the 50′
Power supply incl.